For a last minute gift Idea the fine folks over at Urnex have sent me some information on their 1,2, Brew kit.

No one needs to spend the holidays with bad coffee, especially from a dirty coffee pot or coffeemaker. I’ve already put the Grindz and the Cleancaf through their paces previously this kit seems to be a great deal so I thought I would pass it along. Here is what Urnex says.

1,2 Brew Gift Kit Coffee Maker Cleaning System.

Kit contains:

  • Cleancaf ® Cleaner : The only organically listed home coffee machine cleaner on the market;  Cleancaf ® is an odorless, non-acid scale inhibitor and detergent all in one. Cleancaf ® may also be used on home espresso equipment and to clean a French press.
  • Dezcalâ„¢ Descaler : Designed to breakdown and remove the mineral build-up that can impact the performance of your coffeemaker,  Dezcalâ„¢ is a citric acid based , non-toxic, biodegradable descaler solution used to decalcify brewers, espresso machines, pod and capsule machines.
  • Sample of Grindzâ„¢ Grinder Cleaner : The first product developed to clean the burrs and casings of a coffee grinder without disassembly.   This quick and easy cleaner can be  used  monthly or quarterly depending on the quality of your grinder and the frequency of use.   Grindzâ„¢ Grinder Cleaner is Star-K Kosher Certified.
  • Coffee scoop with bag clip
  • Space for a bag of coffee (12 – 16 oz)

Honestly I  would  like to thank Urnex for realizing  that by placing no coffee in the set, but having a place to put our own is a much better option than  throwing  bad or cheap coffee into a set. So if you have a couple of coffee lovers on you list and you want to help them serve good coffee consider the 1,2, Brew Kit as an answer.