Today’s Show:   Holiday, Microphone Techniques, Audacity Crashes, Grills, Wine, Beer, tech, Coffee, GPS, USB, CDC, EGG, Twitter Virii and   Caffeinated Cramming

When you have a fun filled holiday weekend on your schedule, that weekend goes by in the blink of an eye. Today’s show is Over-caffeinated to compensate for a busy day. I caught my second wind rather late in the day and I’m riding that wave to the finish line!   We’re going to give a primer on the Adopt a NewB Day Celebration for This coming Wednesday April 15th. We’re also going to hit on some highlights of previous articles that have come out here to get you started.   Besides that we have a rather diverse selection of news some hitting hard, others are meant to lighten your day. We deal with Ethiopian Economic issues and Zombie killing flash drives, Censorship and Beer. All of that in the same show.

So when you delay a show, you over caffeinated the host and you have a ton of content to wade through what do you get? Check in and see!

Happy Passover & Easter to all who are Celebrating!

Enjoy the show and Stay Caffeinated!

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