So much to do, but deadlines disappear

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This past weekend has been awesome. we’re getting things done left and right in the lair, nevermind that much like a mythical hydra when one thing is completed 2 more spring to fill it s place. Every-time i open a wall, move a light or do anything to this house I’m st5unned by what I see. Tonights show is a testament to procrastination. and forethought all wrapped up in one bundle. We’re going to be looking at ways to make the show sound even better so please let us know if you hear a difference in the quality.

Overall I think there might be a couple hiccups in today;’s show but we’ll get them ironed out by the next time i promise

The push for Podcamp Philly is on. We’re really excited to bring the event to Temple University on October 3rd and 4th. Hopefully I’ll see you there! Are you wondering why you should go to a Podcamp?

On tonight’s show you’ll hear about Color, Podcamp Philly, Lego Houses, Steampunk style, Modded Computers, Fresh Coffee and Dungeons and Dragons.

Enjoy the show!

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