Apologies for last show.

Technical difficulties won’t trouble this episode, we hope

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So apologies are in order if you listened to the last show you know by now that we had some minor to major issues with the audio skipping pretty much throughout the episode. I’ll explain what happened and why so you don’t fall into the same trap I did. But all that Aside we’re gearing up for Podcamp Philly and I’ll have some fun downloads in the coming week for you to see before people at the event do. I’m making some surprises that I hope will go over well.

This show has lots of lego love, a great web-comic i just re discovered and a ton of Coffee Geekery to go around. We discuss the seriousness of Net Neutrality, the lighthearted Robot Foozeball, the heretical nature of the Beatles and the sacrosanct nature of good coffee in Seattle. Its a tall order for a short format show, but I think we covered good ground.

The push for Podcamp Philly is on. We’re really excited to bring the event to Temple University on October 3rd and 4th. Hopefully I’ll see you there! Are you wondering why you should go to a Podcamp?

Enjoy the show!

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