Podcamp Philly Approaches, Lego designing lights, Jedi Bath Robes, Robot dogs that learn, MRIs, Wine, Coffee and Tea. Listen In

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Things have been better in the CaffiNation Lair, lots of stuff happening on the personal end, but nothing stops the news. We have a ton of great content literally busting at the seems for this show. I had to actually cut 4 recorded segments out of the show to get it down to 35 minutes. I find anything longer and we seem to loose people.

This episode is called the winding road because i feel that throughout the episode we traveled a great deal across the geek culture landscape from lego lights to celestial bodies, we hit all the high points of the net neutrality cat fight between google and the large carriers as well as touch on some of the great bits of minutia to surface of late. Sit back and enjoy the show!

Registration for Podcamp Philly Continues. We’re really excited to bring the event back to Temple University on October 3rd and 4th. Hopefully I’ll see you there! Are you wondering why you should go to a Podcamp?

Enjoy the show!

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