I’m too old for these type of mishaps: Broken Bones and Shattered Productivity

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A wise lady once said “How about getting some sleep?” Actually two very wise ladies said this, My Mother said ti first and my wife has said it more often of late. Eventually not sleeping at all catches up to you, which is what happened last night. So Tonight i get to drop a fun episode onto your ears a day late. But I also get to give you a second helping over at the Techpodcast network as well, since I signed up to do this week’s TPN Weekly.

All of that aside I have a full week of content to write and only so much time to actually get it done.

There is a new contest from Jeffery Powers over at  Podcast Madness, Enter the code  blogsimple for a chance to win a year-long subscription to Mozy, a web backup solution. Listen to the show for a  second chance to enter. Lots of shows are involved and each one of us has a different code so be sure to head over to see the rest of the Motley Crew.

2009 Podcast Awards: The Waiting is the Hardest Part

Enjoy the show!

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