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To say that I’m surprised would be an understatement. I honestly left the live show for dead over a year ago thinking that no one would ever come to watch a taping of my podcast let alone develope into any sort of community. Now i have people looking specifically for this, I’m both humbled that people enjoy it so much and pretty enthused about where we could go. I’m not quite stoked yet, i don’t think i’ve ever been stoked.

Tonight’s Show we talk about giant LEGO robots, massive man made machines and ghostbusters on the wii. We touch on location based problems with  Google  buzz and tap into the latest in serious real world problems  facing  the tech of today. But nothing too serious wouldn’t want anyone to learn anything too quickly now would we?

Random bits of detris and the slightly off color remarks

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So its  going  to snow again, philly averages 20 inches a year we have had 65, the last snow just finally started disappearing  and tonight we try to add some more ice to the fire, what a crazy year this has been. Chances and forecasts are looking for 5 – 18 inches in my area depending on your impending doom cast…

A wonderful live show was  interrupted  by a  kid-let  waking in the middle of the show, and a house in disarray. Things got back on track but only after a hunt through the bowels of a spare parts box found the mystic universal power adapter. All hail the universal adapter. Its been a long night so please excuse the crazies, unless you enjoy them then enjoy away.

Thanks and Stay Caffeinated People!
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