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So a belated Happy St  Patty’s  Day to all of you who either are, wish to be, or are willing to pretend for a day to Be Irish. Its been a fun day so far with lots of good Craic to follow the tons of cruft we usually do. Now For Truely good Craic you need to see a CraicHead, Jimmy CraicHeadTV would be the place to get it. I borrowed the title from Jimmy for this show, You should check out the original, He’s a Philly based video blogger who loves dogs, sailing and of course good craic.

All craics aside, today’s show is full of crazy awesome tech, and slowed by a crazy twitter / internet outage. So the live show might end up not being live at all. Technology goofs aside you’re going  to learn about Zelda triforce Rugs, amazing beer  steins, Mario in art. In short a few of my favorite things.

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