It’s time to play the music
It’s time to light the lights

The Students are back, Podcamp Philly is in a month, and everything is going at lightspeed. Good thing I had plenty of coffee in the house. But supplies are running low, the work is piling up and I may have to start foraging soon. Good things are that the Podcamp Philly T shirt designs have been finalized! Overall the computer setup in work was without issue, except for the one issue which I’m working on. A bunch of boring news you will hear reiterated 40 thousand times happened this past week. I consider it my solemn duty to find the off the beaten path type of stuff, so hopefully you get your fill of fun.

About Tonight’s show,I sifted through the tattered remains of my week to find bits of awesome content. Hopefully you enjoy steampunk, science fiction movies, coffee, t shirts and geekery as much as I do. But then again you ARE  listening  to the only place that has all of the above with any  type  of regularity! Enjoy the show.

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Geek Cruft

Food and Caffeinated Bits

Many Thanks for listening, Stay Caffeinated!

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