Ain’t no block like a big block baby, Still  not firing  on all cylinders though

Just to remind you, Podcamp Philly is October 2 and 3 at Temple  University. We  are also  unfortunately  going to have to scale back to one  guaranteed  show a week,  Wednesday! Posting this on a  Thursday  i do feel a bit  disingenuous. But I fell asleep with laptop in had way too early yesterday. I’m going to try to get back to two shows as quickly as possible. And the good news is we will be having some new  content  flowing very shortly around here.

Tonight’s show is all over the place. I’m not even  going  to try and crop it into one frame, theme or anything  else. This show is  quite  honestly the craziest stuff to catch my eye for the past week. Some might  be new, some might be old. And some are just too funny to pass up sharing. We go from low bridge humor to high brow video game art. We celebrate one of the most influential characters of all time getting Super as well as a brand new start for a long suffering browser. Also for no reason other than I can i found a crazy resource you may need one day, but only if you are an anthro geek like me.

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Huge thanks to Norbert for my New Promo! The most Caffeinated Man in the world!

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Many Thanks for listening, Stay Caffeinated!

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