Thundersnow Part Duex! SNOooooooooooow Train!

I have to admit that last show was one of the most fun shows I have done in a while. And its hard to follow-up something as awesome as that. but we tried to find some fun things to talk about. For some reason this winter is yet another crazy snow filled wonderland. The picture on the left is from our  visit  to the Philly Zoo right after the snow from last year. One of the best times to visit the zoo is in the winter, especially if you don’t dig crowds. And as you can see one of the Tigers loved it!

Tonight’s show is going to be fun. I honestly never know just how awesome a show is going to be until I listen in the next day. Want to help make this show awesome? Send in your cool links and fun  caffeinated  bits caffination@gmail . com! We hit on legos, coffee, Google TV, Keurig,  bacteria, fossils and steampunk. I desperately want a CR-48 laptop to work on some fun coding projects i have in the pipeline, and I’m steadily making progress on another project. If you are a designer and would be interested in working on something or adding your voice to something drop me a line!

CaffiNation Birthday Giveaway Concluded! Congrats Dave! Pure win!

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