Testing, Check check one? Can anyone here me?

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This week we are  going  all CaffiNation Klassic on you. Its just me as Steve the wonder-cohost is on vacation. So Its all me all the time. I’m here and I’m a bit angry about some things. Lets see if it turns into a fun little rant, because hey  that’s  just what I do best. In fact i have a rare treat for you. Because of a wonderful recording error  yesterday  I have 3 rants all lined up for you at the front of the show. So you get 3 times as much bluster for the low low price of one download. I’ll be here all week try the veal

We have a  preponderance  of Zombie related information to pass along, a sign of the times or are zombies just that cool? We I have a wonderful little look into the world of conspiracy theories, because without black helicopters and mind controlling public water supplies how else would we live in this mixed up world.

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