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Tonight’s show is going to be fun. We have candy skulls, espresso,  beautiful  videos, and geek culture to discuss. Consider us the friends you invite over for a coffee, but stay for the geek! Mario with portals, Legos, Coffee… who could ask for anything else. We touch on manly things and manly stories, because we’re men… But it’s all in good fun there is a lot of disjointed information in tonights show, things from all parts of the internet. So sit down and grab a notebook, there will be a test later.

Lots of great games coming out. Lots of fun news to discuss and as always a few laughs to be had.  Enjoy  and join in. We are running a giveaway of The Darkness II! Listen in to find out how to get in on this!

CaffiNation Live! 9:30 Eastern Time  Fun and People!

Geek Cruft:

Steve’s World!

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Final Thought…

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