Prepping the CaffiNation for a new look soon.  Hoping  for good things.

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So the first day of spring has come and gone, the flowers are blooming the birds are tweeting, the hosts are tweeting. Its a fresh start for a lot of things, including the New Puzzle Piece Productions company. We just filed papers to become an LLC, which is exciting and I’m hoping that means more good things down the road and better  business. So remember if you are in need of a website redesign, refreshment, new logo or just some graphics for your site, Think of Puzzle Piece Productions. the missing piece to your web site!

This week has a ton of great news covering coffee, food and beyond. We pick a winner for the giveaway, and share some  of  the more awesome bits of news of the day. Did you know monks used to complain, just like normal people?

Today’s show has Cthulu  origami… Nintendo rugs, robotic kitchen helpers, Coffee Galore and some mighty tiny linux machine  news.

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