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Been a long time coming, but episode 473 is here, well at least if you’re reading this then you are probably listening as well. The past two weeks have been big for the site, hopefully you’ve been checking back to the site to see some of the crazy stories  and  content we are throwing down. Tonight’s show is going to be a rundown a collection of the awesome, a highlight reel of the fun things we have covered over the past two weeks with the usual commentary, and a few extra’s thrown in.

Kitchen sink probably would have been a good name for this show because there has been so much new stuff showing up on the site I haven’t been able to keep track of everything. If you love the podcast do yourself a favor and click on the podcast only feed for use in itunes, zune or what ever podcatcher you use, and the Podcast only homepage is accessible from the garish colored button on the top right hand side of the homepage.

Going forward we’re going to try to keep up this torrid pace of finding and publishing content, and the podcast is going to rewind some of the fan favorites from the past week, we will still be covering off kilter topics and Steve will be publishing Video Game reviews and commentary as well. I’m hoping you are enjoying the direction that the site is heading. So this show is running at about 90% of the links being back to our own stories, which is awesome.

Steve brought a great energy to the show and I can’t wait to have him back. Let me know what  you  thought of tonight’s episode!

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