Today is St Paddy’s Day. I’m Scotch Irish but from what I’ve heard everyone is Irish today. Throw a little green on your thursday with this recipe. A new take on an old favorite, although given my druthers I’d much rather rock a Pint of  Guinness, rinse and repeat.    This recipe is all about big taste, extra strong coffee, a peaty blended Scotch  Whiskey  as an homage to my heritage, and a dash of Cinnamon for spice!


What will I need?

  • 1 Shots Bailey’s Irish Cream (Or Any Cream Liquor)
  • 1 Shots Blended Scotch Whiskey
  • Espresso Blend Coffee
  • 1 tsp Brown  Sugar
  • 3 oz of Milk
  • Ground Cinnamon

First off.  Decision  time. Coffee or Espresso? I go with espresso, every time hands down, can’t beat the bold  flavor  and the in-your-face attitude a shot  of  espresso brings to the table. But lets just say you don’t have a machine or the know-how to rock one out? Well then you go with a dark bold coffee choice and brew strong.


For presentation purposes I start off with a nice clean, warm, clear glass. Why warm the glass? It keeps the beverage warm longer. Throw in a shot of Blended Scotch Whiskey and mix with a teaspoon of brown sugar. The resulting beverage should be Honey colored. (Step 1)

Pull 2 or 3 shots of good quality espresso with a nice even pull. Carefully pour half of the espresso into the glass,  attempting  to leave the rest and the crema in the mug. Thoroughly mix the espresso and the booze. Add in the rest of the espresso and slide the crema onto the new beverage. (Step 2)


Take a shot of Bailey’s Irish Cream and add it to 3 oz of milk. be sure to stir thoroughly. Then with your mad Barista skills  froth to a nice fluffy texture. Pour very slowly into the espresso cocktail. This should make enough foam for two drinks actually, so share the wealth. Try to keep the froth in the center of the mug.

After you are done you can choose to top the drink in one of two ways, I prefer cinnamon gives it a bit of Irish potato flair. Or you could go with a dusting of coco powder for an offbeat variation. (Step 3)

If you don’t have the ability to froth milk, a substitute I found is to heat the milk in the microwave inside a plastic water bottle, cap off. Then shake vigorously with the cap on. It won’t be the same but it does add some body to the milk, or you could purchase a frothing wand for about 10 dollars.

Stay safe and enjoy!