When I ordered an Espresso I was not expecting perfection from a chain  restaurant. But i was taken aback by the beauty of a demitasse glass. I let my  guard  slip for one moment. And I was  greeted  with horrid espresso. Over extracted, although the complete lack of a  discernible  crema on the top did tip me off that things were not all happy and well in the cup. The bottom of the demitasse was muddy, the espresso, bitter, thin and tasted burnt.

Olive garden makes terrible coffee, my dad who ordered a regular coffee found his watery and weak. My past  experience  with a disgusting Irish Coffee brushed aside I can’t claim bad food DNA on this one. Olive Garden needs to step up their game, possibly learn from the Macaroni Grill. THOSE Italians have their beans in order. Not only does Macaroni Grill serve Lavazza Espresso and coffee, but they do so correctly, making any drink I have ever ordered from  cappuccino, hot  toddy, espresso to regular old coffee excellently every time.

I Totally forgot to comment on this one on  Episode 417

CaffiNation’s Cruft – Espresso.