Today I had the pleasure of trying out the new offering from  Bai Brands the Jamaican Blue Berry. Bai means pure in Chinese, and the Founder of the Company Ben Weiss has worked to craft a set of beverages that leverage the long  unused  fruit from the Coffea Arabica plant, better know to you as coffee. Bai’s mission is to create good tasting all natural healthy beverages.

The Fruit of the Coffee plant is extremely perishable and for years has been  regulated  to being the byproduct of my favorite habit. The Coffee Cherry is usually discarded as the bean is harvested, roasted and sent to my stomach. According to the information provided the fruit of the coffee cherry is  apparently  extremely high in  antioxidants. And these beverages were designed as a good tasting all natural delivery system for this new form of antioxidants


As per usual all products submitted are run through the same process. And with non coffee beverages I like to enlist an elite team of tasters. Specifically the focus group this time  consists  of My Wife and Myself, and our good friends  Marianne  and Dave. Marianne and My Wife  Jen  are both non coffee drinkers, Jen being an expert in diet foods I figured this would be a good group to try these beverages out. Specifically we strive for honesty when we taste things at the Caffination, and these are some of the most honest and direct people I know.

The Journey

  • Smell: If it doesn’t smell good How can you drink it?
  • Taste: Obvious and penultimate
  • Aftertaste: Beverage is done, but is the  flavor?
  • Notes: Anything I might notice or want to share

Smell: The drink had a wonderfully full and sweet smell. I don’t know how  Jamaica  is supposed to smell but this drink does live up to the Blue Berry moniker. Overall a light refreshing smell.

Taste: A Very  pleasant  and lightly sweetened Blueberry beverage. Incredibly fresh tasting and light on the pallet. Did not have a overly strong taste, nor did it taste like heavy fruit juice. Much more like a Fruit Juice and water combination, a lightly sweetened tasty beverage.

Aftertaste: A slight sweet aftertaste, with no bad  flavors.

Notes: This drink does have caffeine in it but goes to great lengths  to not be  labeled  as an energy drink. I like that they made mention of the 70 mg of  caffeine  for the whole bottle, less than a cup of coffee. So people who are  sensitive  to caffeine might just want to be aware of the presence. But they consider the caffeine as a byproduct of the process not the desired deliverable

Conclusion: This is a very refreshing beverage I’d love to see carried in the local stores. I’m not a fan of overly sweetened beverages and this definitely  fits the bill as a light fresh fruit drink. Overall everyone enjoyed this beverage.

I’d rate this as a 4 out of 5 Beans on the Fruit Beverage Scale. Very Good and Tasty

*Full Disclosure:  I was sent a lovely care package at no cost by the fine Folks at Bai Brands or the purpose of writing this review. this agreement in no way affected my opinions of the unit nor was a desired  outcome  asked for or agreed upon.