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I thinks its fairly safe to say a fair amount of people who read this blog and listen in to the podcast have a “Thing” for legos. Is it their utilitarian nature? Is it the nostalgia? Or perhaps their magically delicious taste?


Well it seems that the fine folks at Lego have found yet another way to capitalize on their brand, aside from video games, and theme parks. They have licensed the Lego brand to be associated with Kellogs in the fruit snack industry. I recently received a box of Lego Fruit Snacks from my parents for Easter. And this is the rundown.


There is nothing special here, its a box, and little pouches. The fine folks missed a golden opportunity to make the design stand out by adding a Lego style to the box. Imagine if the back of the box looked like the ubiquitous green base-plate? And the information could have been in blocks. It would have been magical, it would have been epic. But its just a box.


Do these pieces of gummy fruit look like Legos? Well in theory yes they do. but this is yet another example of something which had the ability to be awesome but fell short. The iconic knobs on the top of each piece are there, the different colors are there. At a glance you could identify these as a Lego pieces.

but to be truly brilliant each piece would also need a set of indentations on the bottom of the gummy fruit to accept the knobs from the top of another. Think of this as a tab a into slot B type of problem. We are essentially slotless. Also they missed a chance to really get the feel of the Legos down by failing to include any shapes except the 4 pin cubes.

Imagine if you will a whole fruit snack menagerie. the fruit rollups could be the green baseplates the fruit snacks the bricks and the gummy bears could be made into minfigs. It would be awesome, but it has not come to pass. if it does remember that you heard it here first. Lego Fruit Empire was born on the CaffiNation Blog.

Small Problem

Little ones love to eat things, some of which are not very digestible. Perhaps shaping a fruit snack like the tiny pieces isn’t the best thing for the under 3 crowd. hence why i don’t have an action shot of Paul Jr snacking down.

Update: * Apparently this product was a limited run promotion for 2008, and Kellogs had no intentions of continuing the production. The cancellation of the product at the end of its run had nothing to do with the similarity to toys in shape and color.


They taste like fruit snacks, but are shaped like legos… Didn’t think I had to go over this.