When I go someplace new I always try all the coffee I can. I want to sample the different atmosphere, the different blends. But most of all I want to find a good espresso.

The family and I spent the day walking around Provincetown, Mass. We took a wonderful Whale watching cruise (1 finback whale 5 humpbacks!) And I sampled as much espresso as I could. I had some good, some horrible. But one place stood out from the rest, Wired Puppy.

Between the friendly staff welcoming atmosphere and unbelieveable coffee, this place is fantastic. The espresso was perfect, I term I rarely us with espresso. Fragrant, and sweet, not over extracted with a wonderfully thick creama on top. Quite simply a top five espresso for me. I don’t gush when it comes to espresso often.

Espresso is a fickle mistress, treat her right and she is sweet beyond compare, treat her wrong and the damage is too bad to watch. At Wired Puppy they do it up perfectly.