After all the talk we were doing about “Zombie Apocolypse”, I started thinking about what I would need to survive such an event. The first thing that came to mind was food. Who needs a weapon when you can run…zombies hate fast food.

While looking through, I found something that sounded delicious, Tactical Sammich. I was intrigued, so I decided to get one of each to try out (Pepperoni & Honey BBQ Beef). After trying both of them out, mixed emotions come into play.

Now I know that they were not going to be like a full course meal in a hot pocket, but if I was going for one, it would be the Honey BBQ Beef. It wasn’t too bad. The bread was a little chewy, but who would complain when running from zombies. The plus side was that the inside was filled with beef. I can not say the same for the pepperoni. The bread was just as chewy as the other sammich, but it was the inside that gave disappointment. It looked like they just stuck a small stick of pepperoni, the size of my ring finger, inside and shipped it out. Of course, who would complain ¬†at a time like that. However, for $5.99 each, at least fill it up a little more.

The next thing I had sent in was, of course, Stay Puft Marshmallows. The only thing special about these, other than the box it comes in, is that they are caffinated. I couldn’t wait to give these a shot. I was shocked to find out that they were not that bad.It tasted just like a marshmallow. You did taste the slight hint of caffeine, but they were pretty satisfying. They are a little pricey, $19.99 to be exact. But if you have a some cash to spend for yourself, give these marshmallows a try.