I came home a little bit ago to find an unsolicited package from Starbucks with 4 new products nestled neatly in packing peanuts and newspaper. This is a review of the Doubleshot Energy+Coffee Light

As per usual all products  submitted  are run through the same process, and judged against a jury of their peers . In this case we are comparing the Doubleshot to other canned coffees and energy drinks

Smell: Good canned coffee smells good, bad canned coffee can smell better. This product has a good smell, but there is something a bit off about the way it comes across, its not chemicals, nor is it  unpleasant  but I chalked it up to the added Guarana, Ginseng and other lovelies encased within this massive drink.

Taste: Weighing in at 16 oz this drink is a tall order. The light cream  definitely  does a better job of letting the coffee  flavors  comes through  unfortunately  the energy drink  additives, while they do give it a kick, tend to shift the entire drink towards bitter despite the  Splenda. I’m not usually the biggest fan of the energy+coffee drinks and this is a good example as to why. I believe coffee is good  enough  on its own, and the added ginseng, b vitamins and guarana just seem to get in its way. Most of the other flavors seem to peek out in the odd aftertaste, so while you are drinking it it comes across as a bitter coffee drink, which i would normally be fine with, but the aftertaste makes it slightly sour and bitter as well.

Cost:  Couldn’t find that information

Conclusion: Overall this drink is too big and has too many extra flavors thrown at the coffee for my taste, I much prefer the smaller portions and simpler flavors in my canned coffee.

Rating  1.5 Beans out of 5 in Canned Coffee

*Full Disclosure:  I was sent a lovely care package at no cost by Starbucks for the purpose of review