Certain things in life need to be enjoyed to their fullest. Close your eyes, sip by gentle sip taking the world’s cares and pushing them to the side for one mug at a time. Do this enough and your problems might melt away.

Coffee Beans, Loose Leaf Tea, and Espresso Machines | Need Caffeine

I was recently sent a wonderful care package by  NeedCaffeine.com  a fine purveyor of  Coffee Beans, Loose Leaf Tea, and Espresso Machines. They wanted to show off their new design, and the designer in me lept at the chance to eyeball and give my opinion, while the coffee nut was happy to have some Intelligentsia Coffee. You see the famed roaster has a wonderful reputation but there are very few places you can buy their coffee online. NeedCaffeine just so happens to be one of those places, if not the only place that I’ve found outside of the roaster’s own.
The roasted date on the bag is a great indicator of just of quickly the orders are filled. No chance for old coffee, just good coffee.The coffee is unbelievable. Sweet berry notes, and a wonderful aroma that makes you stand up and try to find a mug stat. The Flying Blend lived up to the literature that came with it. I don’t drink my coffee with anything but coffee in the mug so having a roaster confident enough to suggest enjoying their coffee sans help is a bonus. My only regeret was that i didn’t request whole bean. but the coffee arrived fresh and very promptly.

If you get a chance you need to stop by NeedCaffeine.com to grab some of this blend. Available in one and five pound bags. I’ve had a hard time brewing other things with this stuff in the house! For more actions shots check out the gallery below.

*Full disclosure: i was sent these products at no cost to me by the folks at needcaffeine.com, for review and sampling. No outcome,  positive  or otherwise was promised. All thoughts and opinions are my own.