What would happen if you were able to enjoy your favorite breakfast food and have the same amount of  caffeine  as a cup of coffee, without the spill hazard? Well the folks at Wired Waffles have the answer. They recently sent us a sample of their wares to run hrough its paces. We have previously covered these culinary oddities on the site, but up until now we hadn’t had the chance to taste them.

The claims made by this Waffle Company are that each cake, which is done in the style of an Authentic  Belgian  Liège waffle, contains 200 mg of caffeine. A  Liège waffle is a small cake, about the size of the palm of your hand with pearled sugar baked right into the dough. These are not intended to be like the american waffles, covered in syrup. But rather similar to a cake or cake based pastry.

Without beating around the bush, I loved this waffle, it was sweet and tasted like pound cake, just a bit. Without being nearly as dense. The pearled sugar were sweet explosions as I bit through the waffle. I started to eat it during one of our episodes, but quickly had to stop, because lets be honest talking with your mouth full is just rude.

While the waffle had a  definite  kick, it wasn’t too  noticeable  to me, I’m a bit of a hard sell when it comes to coffee / caffeine products. If you get my heart racing you’re probably over the line. However this was enough to push me through the taping and keep my motor running for a bit that night. For the normal person it would probably replace a nice tall glass of iced tea or a large coffee.

They cost $3.50 a pop, which considering they are pastries, and coffee all rolled into one isn’t that bad. The only complaint I had about them was that I did need a drink to go along with them as they are mighty tasty, but a tad dry. Of course if I slowed down while  eating  that may have helped too.

There are a  great  many Caffeinated products in mix right now. Everything from pills to water, soap to bacon. The idea of throwing an extra kick into a culinary device isn’t a new one. but making the food tasty is the trick. Far too often the folks who put together the zippy products do so without really understanding that caffeine has a bitter taste, and without proper attention being paid to the Caffeine. The folks at Wired Waffles did their job spot on and this is a tasty treat for anyone.

My only regret is that I didn’t take any pictures f the waffles before I had eaten them. And at that point there isn’t much one can do to fix things.

One fun fact I learned while  researching  what a Liège waffle  was supposed to look like, was that in the late 1800’s here in america we used to have Waffle Frolics, or Waffle Parties, since a Waffle was a  relativity  new pastry to the Americas… Why on earth did this tradition stop? I could go for a good waffle frolic.

*Full Disclosure: We were sent a sample of Wired Waffles at no cost for the sole purpose of reviewing their product. Our conclusion was not influenced by this