We all love a good story. I’m a Tech / Coffee blogger and it’s my job to wade through the tons of fun little articles to bring only the best and brightest to you. Its been going on 5 years now that I’ve done this show, written this blog and read these articles. There has been a common thread lacing through each and every one of my weeks of research. There are three articles / article types that if removed would drastically drop my workload down.

Lets make it happen. These topics should be off limits to coffee bloggers from here on out. They have been done, over and over again.  I’m good at ranting, but I never wanted to be “that guy”. Like a movie critic who complained about acting in a comedy we need content but its time for some standards. It’s time to clear the filters of the blogosphere and let the crema rise to the top.

  1. Kopi Luwak / Palm Civet / Poop Coffee: Unless you are tasting it for the first time and giving an impression I don’t want a story about this weird expensive coffee. Don’t file it under odd foods or anything. it was in the bucket list, there have been 40000000 articles finding this food anew. Each one regurgitates half facts and usually gets something wrong enough to bother me. Please… think of the children
  2. Bikini Coffee shop in X small town causes a problem. When this trend started, I reported on it. It is no longer new. People are prudes, people hate fun. Exploitation of women for monetary gain. I get each and every angle you are going to cover this from… unless there is some fresh new twist, and that is a very small if please stop.
  3. Coffee is Good / Bad for you. Doctors who do not treat  patients,  run studies. Its what they do to keep the MD in front and money in the bank. The trick no one tells you is the size of the study. If you don’t have a direct link to the full on medical journal / review or at the very least an abstract do not publish. Some of these studies make grand sweeping comments about the goodness and badness of coffee or anything for that matter based off of 30 people on a college campus. Can you pick 30 people to represent everyone, everywhere? No you can’t.
    • Even worse is when a doctor / scientist comes to a very carefully crafted conclusion. That only under a certain set of circumstances X is equal to Y. And then the news media crop it, generalize the hell out of it and render the study X is ALWAYS equal to Y, hide your children from X.

Sensationalism,  generalization  and overall laziness are responsible for far too large of a quotient of news in general, and these topics clog the filters of coffee news. Its time to clean them out.

This isn’t  to stop people from reporting new and interesting stuff, this is an attempt to call bloggers and journalists alike out who insist on regurgitating content, with little to no new information, just to have something new on the front page.

You know why The Caffination doesn’t have new stuff up everyday all the time? Because I can’t be awesome all the time, you should expect nothing less from what you read.  *drops mic*