Have you heard? Scrounging in your seat cushions for change, or loose bills is now a sign of a terrorist, at least according to the FBI. But, hey what do they know? I pay for most things in cash when I can help it. Helps me keep track of where my money is going, gives me a finite sense of how much I have to spend. But apparently it’s also a marker of a terrorist trying to appear normal, because you know it is normal.

Words cant express how insane this comes off as sounding, say nothing of some of the other indicators that the boys in blue have for us. Concerned about online privacy? Get squeamish about people reading your documents? Yup total terrorist. most people if they are at all concerned about secure passwords, or making sure their documents are safe and sound could take these precautions. Sad state of affairs right now. Care to take a look at what makes you a dirty terrorist? Honestly not sure why they are dirty, should be easier to pick out if that was really the case. Here is the full guide via the FBI

While some of the guidelines are a good start, others are just laughable. But that is the link to guides for a full 25! Different industries, from home improvement to tattoo shops, rest assured you are covered… Just leave my coffee alone.
H/t Kim W.