Original Logo of the Show, Complete with Hyphen

Thanks to everyone who supports the show, and has listened in over the years. this is a beautiful and awesome community to be a part of. The people I have met and the stories and laughs we have shared over these past 400 episodes are priceless thank you.

Here are a few quick stats about the show.

First Episode January 1st 2006

  • 416 Unique Shows,  Announcements  and Audio  content  files put out
  • 8.6 GB of disk space to hold all that awesome!
  • Total Run Time 10 days, 16 Hours and 7 Minutes
  • Over 200,000 downloads of the show since November of 2006

    Long Standing Red / Blue Logo Year 1 & 2

Memorable Moments

Episode 001, Horrible voice work, but a good foundation and the same intro has been used more or less ever since

Episode 018: First Episode pst on www.caffination.com, MC Frontalot for the Music

Episode 021: First Episode as a full part of the Techpodcast Network. First Introduction of the Adopt a Newb Day Celebration, Every April 15th!

Episode 024, New mic and a better sound, Sultry and Dulcet tones grace the airwaves

Episode 068, First Episode as a New Father, and First Co-host with Paul jr on the show. Also the First Sponsored Show.

Last Logo Iteration before today's

Its all been fantastic since then. Both of my parents have been on in the last year for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day  respectively, My son has tried  his  hand at some vocal work too. I can’t wait to get the new ideas under way and make more awesome content for all of you. So what would you like to see the show try next?

Thanks and Stay Caffeinated!