If this attempt works you should see a sample of content composed inside of Google Wave. If not you might see blank space, or a horrid green box. This content is so new its not even beta, its preview, just after alpha. Not sure about what Google Wave is? I did a play by play rundown of the announcement, it might give you a better idea of the feature set going to be rolling out.

For the Layperson this means that Not Ready For  Prime time  is an  understatement, there are missing features, possible crashes and a  sparsely  populated environment.  The funny thing about limited BETA, or trial programs is that EVERYONE simple HAS to get an  invite. All the cool kids are doing it…

But this is one of the few times  in  recent memory where software or a service has been released where the front of the liners are not going to find much joy. People have come to expect a robust offering from software developers, and  more  often than not the developer used the limited beta hook to bring in the line jumpers and create buzz, this of course backfires when  things  don’t work swimmingly.

As a passable coder i hope to get to play around with the API and possibly to some other fun things. lets surf this wave and see what happens, I’m also going to need an infusion of bad wave related jokes to keep this going.

[wave id=”BuSSIiFkyG”]

Many thanks to JC Lamkin and Technically Speaking Radio for the Wave Invite

Before you ask I don’t happen to have any invites at this point either :-D