I hate the summertime for coffee  news. Everything is about iced coffee. And most of the heathens put milk in it… Don’t even start about the ___a-Chino crowd and their nonsense. I like my coffee simple. Ice and coffee. But I wanted to “Change the game” a little bit. I’ve done the coffee as ice cubes bit so the iced coffee doesn’t water down, I’ve done cold brewed, but coffee and ice should be simple. Like Coffee and Vodka… TWICE!

It’s hot outside on the Northern half of our globe. And It’s time to roll the dice again.

But let’s get serious. How about we flip the funnel? I’ll tell you how. Put coffee concentrate into the ice cube tray and throw cool refreshing water into the glass. The tray below has normal coffee on the left hand side of the tray, and concentrated coffee on the right, if the cube is black and a bit tacky… you done good. By the by no sugar in these cubes, sugar makes  it harder to freeze things. as it is the coffee concentrate has a higher melting point because so much coffee is suspended in solution when it’s frozen. That makes it melt quicker and coffee Up quicker too!

YES. it works, and it’s better than any of the  alternatives. Here is why.

  • Brew one wicked batch of hair on your teeth strong coffee concentrate, from your favorite source.
  • Filter the coffee, and pour it into ice cube trays
  • Freeze
Now all you need to do when it’s time for a glass of ice cold coffee is this
  • Fill a glass with nice clean cold water
  • Drop your preferred strength of coffee concentrate in, one two or three cubes. And wait a a little bit the above picture was only after about 45 seconds in the glass
  • BOOM… Done. The picture below is about 2 minutes in. Quicker than brewing a fresh pot and pouring it over ice. and ICE COLD

It just saves time.