Coffee When the Lights Go Out? It’s all about prep time people!

So there is a big storm hitting the east coast right now. And if you’re like me you have water on hand first aid  kits  supplied and you are eyeballing your expensive coffee maker… wondering how you can make coffee with the power out. Well we aim to please.

Cold Brewed Coffee! - The CaffiNation

By the by if you still have power… now it the time to grind some coffee. Or if you have a coffee emergency plan… now is the time to check it out. We happen to have a very nice coffee  survival  guide all set for you ;-)

  • If you have a gas stove & a pack of matches, or  or battery hot plate  then Cowboy Coffee is your friend.
  • Get ready ahead of the storm with some Cold Brewed Coffee!
  • OR throw some coffee concentrate into ice cube trays for instant Iced coffee, just add water!
  • Or if you listened to me a nice Coffee  Carafe  is an excellent thing to have on hand. But a thermos does the same in a pinch. I say in a pinch because themos’ usually tend to taste like coffee after you’ve used it even once. But the Carafe is usually made of glass and a safe bet to be easy to clean.
  • And finally for the Adults in the Room, it’s time to hold up and make some Coffee Infused VODKA!

Cold Brewed Coffee! - The CaffiNation

I’m personally a huge fan of cold brewed coffee. So easy to make. A little coffee, a sealable jar and some time. SO if you have time before the storm hits… You’re all set!

Cold Brewed Coffee! - The CaffiNation

If you have a gas stove you can make greek coffee, just substitute a regular pot for a ibriki and you should be all set.. And we have a video for you on how to do it too!

Enjoy and STAY SAFE!

Cold Brewed Coffee!