Today’s Show:   Lego, Design, Color Theory, Adopt a Newb Day, Jobs, robots, photoshop, Mario, nesting dolls, energy drinks, sugar

Tonight’s show is shortened because I’m pretty sure everyone was outside enjoying the weekend. At least were the CaffiNation makes its lair, in Sunny Philadelphia. The family unplugged as a whole and took the city by storm, so everyone here is just plain plumb tuckered out. Tonight’s show takes only the best content and the funniest links from my travels the past couple of days online.

Consider this a small sampling of the awesomeness available. But we do have a ton of great little design tips and applications. We are taking this opportunity to announce Adopt a Newb Day 2009, a day dedicated to the idea of giving a little tech love to those less all knowing than you.   More to come in the next couple of days about this holiday and as always check back for some interesting articles on tap this week as well.

As always Enjoy the show and Stay Caffeinated!

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