Thats it Folks, Today is the Adopt a Newb Celebration 2008.

Here is a short primer for what today is supposed to be. Each one of us no matter the level of your technological skill has someone to thank for help along the way. Today is the day I have been pushing and celebrating for the past 3 years as the day to pay it forward. Tax day is traditionally the day were you are called upon to pay your dues to the government. But I wanted to flip this idea upside down, and have everyone concentrate on paying their debt to the tech community at large. Take an extra minute today to explain a concept further or help one less knowledgeable than you take that next step.

A Place to Learn

Anyone who has spent 5 minutes talking to me about podcasting knows of my love for Podcamps and the culture surrounding them. I learned more in that one weekend in Philly last year about podcasting than in the first year of doing my show. There is no group of events or culture in tech I have found to be more altruistic. No one is turned away and everyone is helpful beyond belief. Two fantastic Podcamps are coming up that I wish i could attend. Podcamp DC and Podcamp NYC. If your looking to helkp someone out, to be helped, or just simply to sponge all the information you can you can’t go wrong with attending one of these events.

Spreading the Wealth

Other people are taking this up as well, please tag anything you blog or post about you effort with AND 2008. Geoff Manning started early this year, and continued with a great concept Free Support Friday. Good Stuff Geoff!

CaffiNation How to Section: Recent Articles with an eye toward helping you

Tech support personnel often find it easier to just fix the problem when a user complains. By teaching or leaving instructions to do what you did then you are making your own workload lighter and bringing the level of technological literacy up.

My BookShelf: Article I have found incredibly helpful recently

Because of the type of operation I run here no article on helpful guides and tips would be complete without a section on Coffee!

Instant Coffee Success: Better living while Caffeinated

I hope this mission and these guides have found you enthused about what we are doing today, please spread the weath and share your knowledge with others not just today but beyond as well!