Under way and under foot going forward

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So the chaos that is the start of the semester is slowly working its was clear as it always does. I’ve been able to focus on writing more than in the past couple of months and as a result you get a new recipe that I’ve been enjoying these past couple weeks as well as a host of off the wall content as per usual. The Food and the Caffeinated bits is particularly off its hinges tonight.

This show is the second time shifted episode I’m trying out. I need more feedback on what you think of putting the show out on Monday and Thursday afternoons.   Do you like the change, should I shift it to Sunday and Wednesday Afternoon or put it back the old way?

Today we’ll be enjoying a bit of Caffeinated Jerky, Some Veggie Chili a ton of news and interesting little bits floating about.

Enjoy the show!

News in brief

Geek Cruft

Food and Caffeinated Bits:

Thanks and Stay Caffeinated People!