No Work and All Play makes Paul a Tired Guy

So the dual shot of approximately 45 inches of snow since the last broadcast has both drained my energy reserves from shoveling it and charged my batteries. The past couple of winters in good old  Philadelphia  have been lackluster warm and rainy events. I love snow and i love the cold so i’v been in a very tired heaven this year. This is also not the officially snowiest winter in Philadelphia history with over 60 inches of snowfall since  December. Wow!

I played around with some new crufted together camera gear for a dog cam, linked on ustream, and played with some other settings on ustream to spice up the show. Norbert and I even tried to work on a cohosting thing yesterday to no avail. it will all work out in the end no worries.

Tonights bit of snowy awesomeness covers robots, design principles, retro game cakes and coffee best practices, and new wave building materials.

Random bits of detris and the slightly off color remarks

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