On tonight’s episode, we have a bevy of new and exciting news to pass along to you. Old news and new, fossil records giving up new secrets and asking new questions. We find out a bit more about where we came from, and why we are still here. Not to get all philosophical on anyone but the question of why us is one of the more enticing questions in all of human paleontology. Why not take a stab at it, and for once the answer isn’t coffee… OR IS IT? You’ll have to listen in to find out. We go forward several million years to modern gaming culture and run down a list of stories about the game de jour Fortnite as well as the lengths some people will go to get and stay good at it.

We touch upon products both fascinating and gross, where will you land on the great pickle debate of 2018? Sit tight as we Ramble on through a long litany of science and Technology related articles, stories and news,

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Final Thought…

  • 3D printed guns… Unpopular opinions abound. How do we deal with what is already out there

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