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We here at the CaffiNation send our deepest thoughts and well wishes to the people affected by the Japanese Tsunami and Quake. The first  segment  in our show is dedicated to providing correct and sensible information on what we know and where you can help. one of the biggest problems with the news cycle of Mainstream sources is that they frequently pull in content and skew it off course. We will try to give you only best information.

Beyond tragedy the world continues to go on. So we have a good does of fun and uplifting nonsense as per usual. Nonsense is needed at any time, keeps the reality in  perspective. The world is full of people who will lament the sorrows that are around and ask why other’s aren’t doing more. So what you can. Don’t be that guy. We have a ton of good, fun and offbeat stories to talk about. from T shirt rounds to Grilling goodies, Lego of course makes its almost weekly  appearance, as does a Mario interlude, and some awesome video game news. We have a couple angry birds, a few nesting dolls and some beverages to review.

We’re constantly looking for awesome and fun content so make sure to contact us if you find a story or would like to contribute!

Japanese Tsunami Information

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