Some stories start out as a simple review. get a product, review the product, publish  findings. I’m not going to lie, I love getting coffee sent to me to review.

AgroEco  Nicaraguan  coffee did more than teach me how to spell Nicaragua, it opened my eyes a bit. But before we get into the heavy stuff lets clear out the formalities.

The light roasted coffee which I  received  went through the standard taste testing here in the CaffiNation HQ, Grind, French Press and review. Simple and efficient. The fine folks at the Santa Cruz Roasters let me know that this roast was a light city roast, in that it wasn’t as dark as most americans usually drink their coffee. No problem here. This would be a bit lighter than the medium most people see in the stores.

Look: The beans look to be a nice deep brown color, with no  imperfections  or burnt beans in the batch that I saw. they were dry with  absolutely  no oil on the outside. You can wrap and handful up in a paper  towel, and it’s still clean when you’re done. All that being said the coffee varied widely in size in this batch. This is one of the hallmarks of a true small production. It isn’t a bad thing either.

Smell: This  coffee has a wonderful light smell with earthy tone to it. A light hazlenut vibe was going on in the backround with a bit of fig in there too.

Taste: A smooth low acid cup with slight sour notes. Not bold at all. More fig and raisin notes with a bit of a mellow finish. Mild aftertaste.

Conclusion: Awesome Coffee, and a fun new addition to my mug.

The Story behind the coffee is even more intense than the coffee itself. This coffee is directly sourced out of a small farm coop in Nicaragua, it is sent to one roaster in the US, Santa Cruz Roasting, and 20% more of the profit from each bag of coffee goes to helping the people who grew it. It doesn’t get better than that.

This coffee is shade grown, organic, without a single pesticide, and it shares the fields with food crops for the villagers to make the best use of the space. In short this coffee is everythign green all the other coffee’s promise to be, without breaking your bank.

A single pound, and yes they still sell by the pound, is 14.50, which is not a bad investment for some mighty fine coffee. and some even better karma. Have a heart and consider this treat! For a full explaination of how this coffee helps the people who grow it just check the back of the bag out below! heady stuff/

*full disclosure the caffination  received  this coffee for free for the purpose of review, this did not effect the outcome, nor was any  favorable  outcome asked for or promised.