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  • Kid Joins the Dark Side

    Little Sariah Gallego and her family were chosen to participate in The Jedi Academy Stage show in Disneyland. Given the choice between the Dark side, which may or may not have cookies, and the light side of the force, Little Sariah chose wisely and broke ranks to join Darth Vader! She even goes so far as to kneal! […]

  • CaffiNaton 473: Motherload

    Truckload of stories, boatload of fun Been a long time coming, but episode 473 is here, well at least if you’re reading this then you are probably listening as well. The past two weeks have been big for the site, hopefully you’ve been checking back to the site to see some of the crazy stories […]

  • CaffiNation 385: Sneaking Cookies

    Stolen cookies, lava landings, Caffeine fueled gimmicks and FDA Approval all run through this episode. I hope you enjoy

  • CaffiNation 347: Burning Daylight

    Day off with the boy and recording on the sly. Tons of legos, Star wars, coffee and fun.

  • CaffiNation 325 Winding Road to Knowledge

    Today’s Show:   Web Design, Fear Mongering, Linux, Electricity, Green Tech, AP, Legos, and Cookies everyone likes cookies Tons of content, but not much energy. Having a down cycle with caffeine right now but i will bring the news and fun to you just as quick, but maybe not so loud. The news was wide […]

  • CaffiNation 300

    CaffiNation 300

    Insert your own Gerald Butler joke here… THIS… IS… CAFFINATION… Today’s Show: Looking Back, History, Contests, Giveaways, wookies, star wars, TV, Cookies, Coffee, Audacity, Zombies, Legos, Monkeys, Toast and so much more Hello all and welcome to episode 300 of the venerable CaffiNation Podcast. Tonight i decided to mix some things up to give you […]