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Episodes of the CaffiNation

CaffiNation 519: Fit to be Tied


Tonight’s show we rock out the minutia, and hit the nonsense hard, and of course talk about geekery and coffee along the way. More than the past couple of weeks tonight’s show is a real shoestring production. We have things from all walks of the internet jam packed into one awesome show just for you.

CaffiNation 518: PT


Tonight’s show was just as off the wall as it usually ends up being, with everything from Shots to Hermit Crabs, from 3d Printing to Zombies, Mini cakes to Comic books and anything in between.

CaffiNation 517: Theft


We move from ranting about serious subjects, to discussing zombie kill plans, We hit on Accents, and make fun of everyone, even ourselves. From Geek to Groan, this episode has some great puns, some good information and some hearty laughs.

CaffiNation 512: K


We find ourselves with a ton of news and only so many hours a day to read it all in. The reviews are flowing once more, we have a fresh fire lit under my can and a wonderful outlook for the holiday season. This show has some bad jokes some good laughs and some wonderful discussion. All in a nights work. You really owe it to yourself to make the live show. We do our best to throw down a good time!

CaffiNation 510: Woo Hoo


A nice week of recovery, some good news from the doctor and a lot of things getting done. A bit of geekery and a lot of bad humor and you have tonight’s episode. We hit everything from Google TV to vertical chess. Talk about some epic thanksgiving feasts to be had and discuss the wonders of lollipops and true fair trade coffee.

CaffiNation 508: Traction


On tonight’s show we have a decent crop of fun articles dealing with the Dia de Los Muertos!, a Halloween Rap up and a few zombie bits thrown in. We have pumpkins galore, Star Wars, and some fun video game news to break. Overall the show was fun, the live show, well attended and the content is awesome. What more could you want?

Caffination 507: Spooky Awesome


We Also decide to dive headfirst into the wonderful season that is almost upon us. Since this is our last show before Halloween we have a bevy of spooky and funny stories to share, some last minute costume ideas and of course lots of pumpkins. Tonight we also flip things around a bit on Coffee Up!

CaffiNation 506: Zombie Fun


It has been quite a week, and quite a day around these parts. Lots of things getting done, but not a lot of news on one of our favorite topics. Coffee is like that some days there is a ton of stuff to talk about, others…. not so much. We have a bunch of Halloween themed stories to bring back from the dead, and some fun gadgets and news to discuss join us!

CaffiNation 505: Not a Dinghy


Tonight’s show is a pleasant mix of fun tech and wonderful caffeinated stories. We have Coffee in film, a hilariously SFW view of the adult industry and Sony… well being sony. Netflix, Nintendo and a Baby link also show up