Never knew I had a method to making good iced coffee, I only knew my iced coffee i made at home always tasted better than most other iced coffee I could buy. I’ve tried the cold pressed method, and had various results. Some better than others. All serviceable. but I hate waiting so I would always brew my coffee over ice, and pull a ristretto over a single ice cube to make chilled espresso.

Who knew all of this was called the Japanese Iced Coffee Method? Rather than a long winded  explanation  I’ll let the fine folks at    Counter Culture Coffee  do the legwork. They put together a spiffy video.

While I personally don’t do the pour-overs very often (I’m  impatient) I do admire how simple and easy a trained hand makes it look. You can also pour a french press over ice to do something very similar. I would suggest though a fun science fact. Don’t put the ice in a glass  carafe  too long before you plan to pour or brew And make sure the hot coffee hits the ice…. not the glass or you can pop your glassware very easily.

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