Into every lair a little rain must seep, Still working on the lair

With the awesome content I’ve been locating and pushing up onto the site I  figured  including that in the show  balanced  the act between people who just read the site and people who also listen. By listening you get a more in depth look at some of the cool articles and concepts we find, and you also get a ton more bad jokes, which as anyone knows is practically the currency that RUNS the internet. So its like getting twice the internet from one site!

We are still stuck between a dank spot and dry rot here in the cavern. Once  more  I had to delay actually fixing it back into a lair for another week. I’m really going to try and work out the bugs and get a new floor down. Living in disarray is bothering me something fierce. Entropy is real and its taking my house with it!

Live Show on hold till the Lair is back up and working

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