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Tonight’s show is a fun mix of Content collect this past week. I actually like doing the show a bit more this way. I gotta say i felt a bit stagnant in how things were going it’s nice to bring in some fresh content and a new person to share with writing. Steve has been great. I hope you’re enjoying his articles. We cover ground from Pop culture  interpretations  of Video game Art (Angry Birdsky / a la warhol) to Modern looks at the early days of Exploration. history comes alive in color pictures from Shakelton’s 1915 assault on the south pole, Alas no scotch in that story.

We are also working on some fun new stories for the coming days, more reviews, more zombies, more sketching more Lord of the rings. Don’t just stay for the show, but bookmark us and ass us to your reader for later too!

We’re constantly looking for awesome and fun content so make sure to contact us if you find a story or would like to contribute!

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