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Paul Muller


Coffee doodle: para coffee

We have all been there, either on vacation or in some remote office where your good coffee has run out. And you …


Vacation coffee

Nothing is more relaxing than sitting in a balcony on vacation sipping a steaming cup of fresh coffee. But you have to …

Coffee Cultivation

Coffee Origins

You would think a few tidbits about coffee would be common knowledge. It is the second most popular beverage in the world …


Coffee Barometer

Forecasting the day’s weather in a cup of coffee? Sounds like hooey, but works because of SCIENCE!


Cold Brew Saves the Day

My favorite summertime drink is coffee… Come to think of it my favorite anytime drink is coffee, so that isn’t a huge …


Wawa Turns 50

For those of you local to the Delaware Valley you know the name. But to the fine folks spread out around this …


Hot Days, Cool Coffee

it is a simple equation. northern hemisphere of middling latitude, June – August = Summer. SO. Yes it is hot outside, actually …


Coffee Barometer

Coffee is a funny thing. The more I drink it the better I feel, the better I feel the more I want …