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As each year goes by, all the gadgets and gizmos get smaller and smaller. And more and more start to become obsolete. …

CaffiNation 506: Zombie Fun


It has been quite a week, and quite a day around these parts. Lots of things getting done, but not a lot of news on one of our favorite topics. Coffee is like that some days there is a ton of stuff to talk about, others…. not so much. We have a bunch of Halloween themed stories to bring back from the dead, and some fun gadgets and news to discuss join us!

Rocksmith, Forge your Skills

Are you a  Rhythm  Gamer? Guitar Hero god? Completed Physcobilly Freakout on iNSANE? nicely done. However real guitar players have long since …

Dead Island coming to theaters?

The recent release of “Dead Island” has gained good reception on the gameplay. However, what made “Dead Island” a big success was …

Star Wars XBox – Kinect

Damn you George Lucas… Why does he continue to license his products to other companies in an enticing manner. For every goofy …

Star Wars R2-D2 Xbox 360

Mark Bongo,owner of Major League Mods and  Xbox modder extrodinaire has come up with another winner. This time giving the  business  to …

Gearboard Controls Mess

Gearboard takes a very common problem with modern gaming machines and hopes, at least the concept will take off. Everyone who dabbles …

CaffiNation 417: Spring Cleaning


All this change and fresh air made me unveil the new CaffiNation Layout and design, so make sure you stop on by and tell me what you think. I’m working on a couple of small problems and a few final touches but I like the bold new look.