Even stop to think and forget to start again?

Wee, what a fun ride this week has been. If I’m not up to my eyeballs in code or elbow deep in a computer that needed fixing this just hasn’t stopped. Lucky for me the new schedule of content allows for the spice to flow. And the spice must flow. but it doesn’t always allow for sleep. So the night the episode was supposed to drop was cut short by a far to comfortable couch and a mug of hot chocolate. Should have stuck with water, because before I knew it I was waking up to a dog barking at 2am. On to the next day.

Good thing is you have plenty to read from this week, bad thing is you don’t have too much to listen to. I have a short little “best of” episode planned. But of course for every Best of episode planned I end up talking forever. So lets see how this one goes!

Somewhere  i think a gear slipped off the belt, a flywheel snapped or another mechanical sounding thingy went haywire I’m all hyped up with no place to go. However i do have a boatload of content, a ton of stuff coming out after the show as well. So there is always room for more cruft.

Japanese Earthquake /  Tsunami Information

Geek Cruft

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