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Today’s Show: Looking Back, History, Contests, Giveaways, wookies, star wars, TV, Cookies, Coffee, Audacity, Zombies, Legos, Monkeys, Toast and so much more

Hello all and welcome to episode 300 of the venerable CaffiNation Podcast. Tonight i decided to mix some things up to give you a taste of history a bit of geeky news and then a look back at some of the highlights you may have not seen. We also announce the contest for the 3 in 3 event. 300 episodes in 3 years… January 9th 2006, i uttered those now, still not really all that famous words. “Hi and welcome to the CaffiNation podcast” Three years and three hundred episodes later we’re still going strong things have changed a bit, hosts have moved and the archives grow fat with their bounty of entertainment.

I truly love giving this show to you each week and I only ever ask that you enjoy the content and if the mood strikes you drop me a line in return. I love connecting with listeners.

Before this tangent runs on too long I’ll just simply say. Thank you once agin for all the attention that has been paid and the feedback that has been given.

Enjoy the Episode!

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Thanks and Stay Caffeinated People